What is Fishers Rewards Plus?

Fishers Rewards Plus is our loyalty program offered to Fishers customers. Fishers will reward our valued customers with 1 point on their rewards plus card for every dollar they spend. These points can then be used over time for instant cash off their next purchase! Customers can also choose to donate their points to any number of register community organisations. 

Rewards Plus members are also able to purchase extra specials that are only availible to Rewards Plus members each week!

How Do I Sign Up?

Come into one of our stores and collect a Fishers Rewards Plus card. The checkout operator will scan this to initialise it.

Your receipt will have your card number, PIN number and your phone number.

Then visit http://rewards.fishers.com.au and use the information on your receipt to activate your new card.

How Can My community organisation Join Fishers Rewards Plus?

Simply fill out this form and submit your details.

You don't need to have a Rewards Plus card for your organisation to receive donated points.

My company makes purchases at Fishers - Can we have a Rewards Card? 

Yes! - Why not use the points from your Rewards Card against purchases for your company Christmas party? 

What if i forget my pin or have lost my card?

Changing your pin is easy! Simply log in to the Rewards Plus Customer portal and change your pin in the user settings. If you have forgotton your log in details simply contact the Fishers Service Center on 03 5021 8300 during business hours with your card number and home store and we can reset this for you. You will not loose the value of your card if we reset your details. 

If you have lost your card or it has worn out simply ask instore for a new card and instructions on how to link your new card to your old account

How many points do I have?

Simply log into the Rewards Plus Website (rewards.fishers.com.au) or ask your operator when you scan your tag in store

Where can I use my card?

You can use your card at any Fishers Supa IGA, IGA, BottleO, Cellarbrations and Fuel sites. Check for your local site here


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