The Fisher name has a long history in Victoria, with many country towns across the state home to a Fishers IGA. The first family store was opened in 1911 and, by the time the business was sold in 2015, 16 supermarkets bore the Fisher name.

The latest Fisher family venture incorporates an online store selling a wide range of craft beers and craft beer hampers and gifts from Australia and around the world. The idea was thought of whilst Alan and Sarah were enjoying a Stone & Wood in Byron Bay.

The pair’s love for beer led to almost inevitable discussions about how they’d like to start their own brewery. But, after some consideration, they felt the country’s swelling number of breweries might be enough and instead chose to focus on selling the beer they enjoy.

On returning to Melbourne, Alan and Sarah decided to open their own bar and bottleshop… leading to the creation of Fishers Craft Beer Bar, and the Fisher name was once again connected to retail, albeit this time it was less about fresh produce and more about fresh IPAs.

Not content to wait for a physical store to get into the world of craft beer, however, the idea of an online side to Fishers was soon devised. The online store launched with a bang, just in time for Christmas 2017, and Fishers is now offering craft beer subscriptions, a wide range of craft beer and craft beer gifts for all occasions.

Once it’s open, the venue, bottleshop and online side of the business will all work as one. Whether it’s over the bar, for takeaway or shipped to a drinker’s home, the aim is to sell as large a range of unique beers as possible.

As for the bar itself, it promises to be an impressive one, with four storeys turning the building’s small footprint into a sprawling space to explore. The original stained-glass windows have been restored, while the pharmacy’s apothecary, will turn its focus to a rather different cure for what ails you.

While running a beer business might be worlds removed from running supermarkets in northern Victoria, there’s a feeling this is the start of a new Fishers set to be around for generations to come.